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Why immunize? Immunization protects children and the community on the whole from disease. The objective is to immunize as many people as possible, which leads to fewer and fewer people catching a disease and eventually causing the disease to disappear. 
Children's immunization records must be kept up to date to prevent children from coming into contact with specific illnesses. Always check immunization records prior to registering a child in your child care facility. 

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has set routine immunizations according to age as indicated in the chart below. Use this chart as a guideline when reviewing immunization records. 
Age Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus Polio 1 Hib Measles Mumps Rubella
2 mo.

4 mo.
6 mo.
12 mo. 2
18 mo.
4-6 yrs.
14-16 yrs.
every 10 yrs there after 3




1. If oral polio is given throughout, recommended schedule for OPV=2,4,18 months and 4-6 years.
2. Must be after 1st birthday.
3. Td recommended

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