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Children and the Internet

The Internet, the most important new communication medium since the television. While the Internet is a wonderful tool, giving our children access to a world we could not have dreamt of a few years ago, it also poses many dangers. Children should have a safe and rewarding experience on the Internet, meaning parents must monitor or a least be aware of their child's activities when online. 

Guidelines for Children on the Internet

* Place the computer in a central area of the home 
* Make using the Internet a family activity
* Don't allow children to provide personal information such as their name, address, telephone number, parent's work address or telephone number, or the name and location of their school to any online service including surveys and competitions or messages or bulletin boards
* Never send photographs of themselves to anyone
* Have children use a pretend name or nickname that is easy to remember and does not reveal whether they are a boy or a girl
* Make sure children know never to arrange a meeting with anyone they meet online
* Teach children not to respond to any sexually suggestive or threatening communication and encourage them to tell an adult right away
* Keep children out of chat rooms
* Make sure children do not open e-mails, files, links, pictures or games from people that they or you do not know or trust.
* Install filtering software on the computer and inform children not to disable it 
* Teach children never to send any insulting or rude messages to anyone online.

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Children and the Internet
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